Monday 12 November 2012

The Performances of 

"She and He" 
by Edward Muallem 

"She and He" is a forum based play that tracks the lives of a young girl and a young boy from the moment of their birth till this moment. Through shedding the light on several social problems that young girls and boys may encounter according to their gender and social context. 

Pictures from the performance at the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, Ramallah. 

Edward Muallem and the play's young actors with members
from the Government of Japan. 

The unemployed father, punishes his so
 for not earning more money from his work.

A 12 years old girl from the audience
climbs the stage and confronts the father and his actions
towards his wife and son. 

Edward Muallem, the play's director plays a warming up
game with the audience before the play starts. 

"She"  the girl is showing her good school grades to her mother
and tells her that she desires to continue her education. 
The audience from different schools and centers.

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