Wednesday 14 November 2012


written by Imad Farajin
Directed by Lydia Ziemke 

The Performance will be in ASHTAR THEATER 
4th of Dec. 2012 

603 plays with the central issues of the Palestinians in the Israeli prison of Ashkelon, in cell 603, where their imagination runs wild and the walls begin moving. Four men see themselves crushed by history and take refuge in fantasy each in their own way. Today their then-heroic acts seem pointless and in prison the longing for people outside prevails, and the longing for a life in freedom - but what shape could that take? For years they have been waiting, now one of them urges them to become active again ... 

Team 603
Author: Imad Farajin / Translators: Ebtihal Shedid, Andreas Bünger  /
Director: Lydia Ziemke / Production Manager: Aliki Schäfer / Artistic collaboration: Wiebke Hagemeier / Assistant Director: Marie Popall / Stage design: Martina von Holn / Design Assistants: Hoda El-Sharkawy, Anna Gentilini
Cast:                Abu Kartuna/Ghazal:               Javeh Asefdjah
Irbid:                                        Nadim Jarrar
Abu Rihan:                               Patrick Khatami
Abu Namusa:                           Alois Reinhardt

603 is part of the series LILA RISIKO SCHACHMATT 
A Cooperation between suite42 and Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin.
Contemporary European & World Premieres from Marocco, Palestine and Syria!
In this series we amplify the strong authorial voices from Arabic and North African countries. From a region undergoing fundamental changes we gather manyfold stories, backgrounds and a growing confidence - and present them on the stage in Berlin and elsewhere. 

Images From The play 

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