Monday 22 April 2013

Journey of Rida

Journey of Rida 

Adapted & Directed:
Mohammad Eid
Director Assistant: Rana Burqan
Scenography: Fairouze Nastas
Light Design: Atallah Tarazi
Adaptation into dialect:  Imad Jabarin
Stage Manager & Technician: Mohammad Ali
Acted by
Muayyad Odeh
Husam al Azza
Hanin Tarabieh
Emile Andre’
Alaa Abu Gharbieh
Firas Farrah

“Journey of Rida” is an adaptation of a play written by Sa’adallah Wannous. “The Journey of Handalah”, going from Slumber to Consciousness” published in 1978.

The play is dealing with the life of a kindhearted Arab citizen submitting to his fate… An affectionate husband, a non ambitious traditional employee and the perfect victim of suppression in all its forms. Be political, social or other. Since all suppressive structures exist firmly even if some are disguised under good deeds and democracy. Rida is on the verge of losing everything within these systems.

Journey of Rida is an artistic adventure that establishes a political and popular theatre, since it enriches the script with a critique dimension that could not be attained without the esthetic spectacular dimension.
Let’s discover what would come out of the journey of Rida lead by his new friend in order to discover the reality of this world… would this journey lead to his maturity or would it maintain his naïveté’?


Journey of Rida

Rida is a simple, kind hearted poor man who used to live in peace and harmony with his lovely wife in their small cozy house. Reading a zodiacs’ magazine, listening to the radio and watching his wife combing her hair and waxing her legs. These were the things that Rida did almost every day.
One day, without any previous warning, a group of men attacked Rida while walking in a narrow alley and took him to jail where he spent a long time without knowing the reasons behind his imprisonment.   
After paying almost all of his savings to the policeman to agree on letting him out; he meets a strange man who calls himself “Harfoush” and who took him on a journey to discover himself.
Harfoush took Rida to his wife who he found her in bed with the policeman, so after he left his house heartbroken and shocked, but still in denial, Harfoush took him for a professional brain wash at a very famous and talented Doctor.
The Doctor examined his case and opened his mind and washed it from all the things that used to be stuck in there and after the doctor finished the operation, Rida found himself laughing continuously without knowing why.
Slowly, Rida started thinking about his life and about what he used to believe in and how people used and still treating him. Harfoush took him back to the bank where he used to work, but unfortunately his employer kicked him out and left him broken.
After he ended jobless, homeless and brainless, Harfoush took Rida to a sheikh he knows and who can free Rida from the demon that possess him.
After trying his wife, the banker, the doctor and the Shiekh, Rida went into a trance of awakening and finally he woke up to know that he was the reason behind all of his misfortune and hard life and the only way to improve it is to take the wheel and to start by himself.

Monday 8 April 2013

Rosa at Ashtar Theatre

Rosa Luxemburg
A journey to her life, time and her status among others

Read and performed by

Hanna Petkoff, GRIPS Theater Berlin
Jörn Schütrumpf, Karl Dietz Verlag Berlin

Music by: Rami Washaha

15th of April, 7:00 pm, at ASHTAR Theatre
16th of April , 3:00 pm at Freedom Theatre, Jenin 

The show will be performed in German and will be translated into Arabic 

Hanna Petkoff, GRIPS Theater Berlin
Jörn Schütrumpf, Karl Dietz Verlag Berlin
zitieren, befragen, lesen, spielen, hören
Eine Wanderung durch das Leben, die Zeiten
und das Nachleben Rosa Luxemburgs
Musik: Rami Washaha
(Deutsch mit arab. Übertiteln)

15. April 2013, 19:00 Uhr Ashtar Theatre Ramallah
16. April 2013, 15:00 Uhr Freedom Theatre Jenin
Eine Veranstaltung der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Ramallah in
Kooperation mit Ashtar Theatre Ramallah und Freedom Theatre Jenin
Eintritt frei