Tuesday 9 October 2012

She and He

Edward Muallem's Introduction

Ashtar Theatre in Shu'fat

Edward Muallem, General Director of the Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah, invited me to a community theatre event in Shu'fat this past Saturday. Shu'fat is a Palestinian Refugee Camp that straddles Jerusalem and Palestinian Territory. It is a place where, in Edward's word, the "catastrophe" is most in evidence. The Palestinian Authority is forbidden from policing the camp by the Israelis. The Israelis conversely have no interest in domestic policing either though "security concerns" always seem to leave their options open.  

Ashtar then provides young people who participate in programs like this with an opportunity to enhance self-esteem and build confidence. The positive effects were clearly evident as I spoke with some of the young actors. Beyond affecting these young people, the issue of gender equity raised by the performance itself sparked a lively discussionafterward especially with some of the more traditional community elders. 

Ashtar Theatre in Shu'fat

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